4 Fun Facts About Caucasian Shepherd that You Never Know

caucasian shepherd dog

Have you heard about Caucasian Shepherd before? Yes, it is one of the existing, largest dog breeds there are in this world. It originated in different countries around the globe, thus many people are referring this dog in various different names. They include Bombora, CO, Caucasian, Caucasian Ovcharka, Circassian sheep dog, Armenian Korbun, etc. Regardless the variety of the names, the dog’s physique remains massive and muscular with strong bones. Here, let us share you some facts about the dog you might never think about or believe before. It will help you to understand it more.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Resembling Lion but Level Headed

Believe it or not, one might mistake this dog breed as lion at first glance. If you meet the dog breed in a flesh, don’t be freaked out since it is not lion you are facing. As a matter of fact, this dog breed does have the body resembling that of lion. Why not? The very contributing factor to it would be none other than the size of its body. Not to mention, this dog sure looks fluffy with thick coat of fur. Some might have much fur around the face, making it close in resemblance to lion’s look very much.

Because of its look, you can’t help thinking that Caucasian Shepherd is formidable, fierce, and wild, right? Well, yes, without doubt, it is one fearless fella. However, despite how it looks, this dog breed can be loyal and level headed too. Since a long time ago, this dog breed has always been put to work as perfect guard dog by farmers to protect their sheep from possible predators, like bear and such in the mountain. It is very aggressive towards them whenever they feel what it protects is endangered.

Despite this aggressive personality, the dog breed that is well trained would know to not attack the sheep instead. If you find this dog breed kept as pet in the house of your neighbor, let’s say that the dog can be extremely adorable pet to cuddle up for the family members. They would protect the members of the family from anything, even from strangers entering the house. That is why we can say that this dog breed can be loyal and level headed. To be exact, it is only towards the people the dog is accustomed to and already familiar with.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Is Not Dangerous Despite Being Big

Master and her obedient Caucasian Shepherd dog playing in winter forest.

From the first point above, you should have known that the look of Caucasian Shepherd dog can be really intimidating for even humans. Why, of course, this is not your usual small little pet after all. It is adorable cuddle monster we are talking about here. However, be sure to not be too overwhelmed with its look. Just because it is big and some might look quite like a lion, it does not necessarily mean that this dog breed is dangerous in its nature. If so, farmers wouldn’t bother keeping it to help them.

Let us get things straight. Despite how monstrous it might look to you, this dog breed is not naturally dangerous. Sure, we can’t ignore the fact that it has immense strength. What can you expect from breed that big anyway? It is only a given. However, how it behaves actually depends on the owner. The owner who poorly trained the breed will only end up making them aggressive towards anyone. It would be all the more so to strangers. However, it won’t be the case with good owners, you know.

They would surely be able to train Caucasian Shepherd dog well, so this dog breed becomes capable of differentiating what to protect and what to fight. At the very least, such dog won’t endanger the family that takes good care of it. So, how can you say it is dangerous if it has such protective personality? It is pretty smart dog, you see. The key lies in its training. As long as it goes well, everything will be fine for you. If you have friends or guests coming over, you better spend time getting the dog accustomed to them for safety.

Caucasian Shepherd Puppies Aren’t Family Pet Although Loyal

By now, you should have more or less understood that this dog breed that looks ferocious can surprisingly be loyal, level headed, and pretty much protective. However, we have to remind you for safety sake the possibility that it might put harm to even the members of the family that own it. Just for you to know beforehand though, we don’t justify it as naturally dangerous animal just by saying this. You can keep it at home, but it is not suitable one to have and be treated as typical family pet.

How cute and fluffy Caucasian Shepherd puppies might look to you, they are still larger in size than the standard pet dogs around. While adults might get accustomed to it easily, it won’t be the case with kids, right? Also, it is in this dog’s instinct to keep everything it protects in a flock. So, if you have it protected your kids, they would only see that they are being pushed around by the dog. If they are annoyed, kids can do anything to surprise the dog. Surely, you don’t want to imagine what the dog will do to your kids in response, right?

Sure, this dog breed is loyal, but it is definitely not suitable choice for family pet. Even though the dog is well trained, you can’t guarantee that there won’t be any unexpected things happened. That is why this dog is only good to be guard dog in front of your door. Its size and personality are not suitable for family pet, especially if you have small children at home. So, keep this fact in mind if you ever feel interested in owning the dog at home. It is bad and good pick in varied situations after all.

Caucasian Shepherd Puppies Are Easy to Train As Guard Dog

You must have heard over and over that this dog breed would do you well if you train it well too. Despite having monstrous body compared to other dogs, it is actually easy to train. That being said, you have to know how to do it properly if you don’t want to find it rebelling you. The best way to do so is to start the training at a very young age. Do make a note then that puppies of this dog breed that have never met people or animals would be difficult to control once the dog reaches adulthood.

That is why you will have to start early with your Caucasian Shepherd puppies. It is important to give them lots of socialization too, so they don’t attack just anyone or anything in sight when they are adults. Well, it is natural for them to resist you along the way, but you need to be determined here. Don’t give up and just keep enforcing firm training. Make sure to clearly display their role too. If they grow up to be obedient ones, you have successfully trained them to be the best guard dog there is.

Description: Caucasian Shepherd is dog breed with massive body and thick fur, making it look ferocious like a lion. But, it can be especially loyal if trained properly.


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