All about Pets Dogs Adoption You have to Know

2.1. Pets Dogs AdoptionDo you want to have a dog to bring to your home? You can consider doing pets dogs adoption. Having a dog is a pleasure experience you can get in your life. But, you have to choose the place where you can adopt a dog and bring it to your home. By doing pets dogs adoption, you can get a beautiful dog that will make you so happy. For you who want to know more about pets dogs adoption, here the information for you.


What is Pets Dogs Adoption?

Pets dogs adoption is a great thing you can do. What do you think about dogs in a shelter? There are so many dogs in the shelter and really need your help to adopt one of them. So if you have a desire to take care of a dog, you are better to adopt a dog from shelter. Adopt dog from a shelter make you can save life of a dog, and you can also give a little fee to safe other dog’s life. Actually, there are so many benefits will you get by doing dog adoption. Read the information below to know more about the benefits of dog adoption.


The Benefits of Pets Dogs Adoption

As explained before, there are so many benefits of pets dogs adoption. Here the benefits of pets dogs adoption you have to know:

  • You Will Safe a Life

There are so many pet shelters in the world, and the number of dogs who come to shelter always increase every year. Who will safe the dogs? You have a chance to safe a life of dog by adopt one or more of them. By adopting a dog, you can give a little space in a shelter for other dog that doesn’t have a place to live.

  • You Will Get a Great Animal

Animal shelter usually gives dog and other pet a lot of love and takes care of them well. So when you adopt a dog from a shelter, then you will have a healthy pet that you can exercise to be attractive and funny animal that always accompany you.

  • You Will Get a Great Bargain

When you decide to adopt a dog, you will get a great bargain. Why? It is because your pet has got vaccine and it has included into the adoption price. So you don’t have to pay any bill after adopting a dog.

  • You Will be Easy to Get a Pet You Want

Animal shelter usually gives easiness when you want to adapt a dog. So, you don’t need to feel doubt to adapt a dog. The shelter will make sure that you will get a dog that you want.

  • You Will Get New happiness

Other benefit of pets dogs adoption is finding new happiness. You will have a new family member that will accompany you and make you feel so happy. You don’t have to be alone anymore because your dog will accompany you every time.

 2.3. Pets Dogs Adoption

How to Adopt a Dog?

Now you have known the benefits of pets dogs adoption. So, have you decided to adopt a dog from animal shelter? There are some steps you can follow to adopt a dog, and every step is really simple. Here the steps of pets dogs adoption that you have to know:

  1. Go to Pet Shelter

The first step you have to do is going to a pet shelter. Here you can see various types of dog and choose one you like the most. But make sure that a dog you choose really matches with you.

  1. Interview

After choosing the dog you like, you will meet adaption counselor to interview you. In the interview, a counselor will ask some questions to make sure that a dog you choose is really good for you and your family. Interview also needed to make you and dog matches so much, so you can take care of the dog in long time. Some questions that may appear in the interview are:

  • What is your housing situation? (renting or owning)
  • How many children do you have? How old are they?
  • Do you have other pets? How many pets do you have?
  • Do you have a contact of local vet?
  • What is your previous experience with pet?
  • What is your daily activity?
  • What is your lifestyle?
  • What is your expectation of new pet?

The interview season is not like yes-or no answer, but the session is more like conversation, and you will enjoy it. In the interview, a counselor not just asks you many things but also will inform you about the dog that you like. A counselor will inform you about the medical history of dog, the personality and other thing that you need after bring the dog to your home.

  1. Paperwork

After interview, an adoption counselor will ask you to fill application of pets dogs adoption. In the application, you will approve the fee that you have to pay for adopting a dog. It will not take many times. Interview and fill paperwork may be less than 2 hours.

  1. Bring Your Pet to Home

After interview and filling the paperwork, you can bring your dog to your home. But some shelter will check your home background before allows you to bring a dog. And there are some things you have to know about pets dogs adoption, such as:

  • You have to make sure that a dog you choose not only matches with you, but can also matches with your family. It means that a dog you adopt will get a lot of love from you and your family.
  • You can adopt a dog when you are 21 years or older. It is to make sure you are responsible of pets dogs adoption or not.
  • Adoption fee includes various type of vaccine and also treatments that make a dog has healthy body and ready to be brought to your home.

How to Treat an Adoption Dog?

Bring a new dog from shelter doesn’t mean that you get your want. Pets dogs adoption is not simple thing. There are so many things should be considered to make your new dog become so comfortable in your home. As we know that an adoption dog has lived in shelter for several weeks or months, and the dog may feel so strange with your home although you give a lot of loves and care for your new dog. So, what should be done? Here some tips for you to make your new dog comfortable in your home.


Something You have to Buy before Adopting a Dog

You definitely want to have a dog that is so comfortable to live in your environment. It can be achieved easily if you know the best thing to do. The first step you can do for making your new dog happy in new environment is buying some things for new dog. A bowl for drink and eat, bed and also toys are the things should be bought before you bring your new dog to your home. When all the tings needed by your new dog have been exist in your home, your dog will be easy to enjoy new environment.


Adult Dog

When you adopt puppies, you may be easy to treat it because puppy actually doesn’t have experience or history. But if you adopt adult dog, it may be a dog that has been trained or homebroken. So, you have to be patient person when take care of adult dog. Be patient and then your dog will understand your pattern.


The First Day Home

Having a new dog will be the challenge for you. You have to know the best tips to treat your new dog. Your new dog may feel so strange with new environment, so you have to show many things to your new dog to make your dog know the activities that should be done. Show your dog the place to eat, to sleep and also other spot that is important for your new dog.


The meals for your dog should also be considered. It will be better if you know the meals that always consumed by your new dog in the shelter. So, you can continue to give your dog with those meals. But if you don’ have same meals, you can give boiled potato with new food to your dog to avoid diarrhea.

When your dog doing a mistake, don’t judge your dog as housebroken dog. The mistake occurs because your dog has not adapted with your home. And then, don’t hit your dog when your dog doing a mistake. Praise, not punishment, is the best way to treat a new dog.

Things to Watch for

Your new dog may feel anxiety, diarrhea or other symptoms when live in your home. It is because your new dog is not familiar with your home. When your dog suffers the symptoms in several days and you can’t handle it, bring your new dog to a vet to be checked and receive the right treatment or medications.


Be Patient and Consistent

Don’t be tired to exercise your new dog. Not only patient, you have to be consistent. If you have rules for your dog, then you have to exercise your dog with that rules, and don’t change it before your dog understand it.


Well, those are the information for you about pets dogs adoptions and all the things that relate to it. So, have you decided to adopt a dog from shelter? You can do it immediately for saving a life of dog in shelter. You can also follow the tips above to make your new dog can adapt so well in your home. Finally, hopefully the article about pets dogs adaption above will give you useful information, especially for you who want to adapt a dog.

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