Can Dog Eat Blueberries? Let’s Discuss the Overall Basic Facts

can dog eat blueberries?

Among the many questions that dog owners have is about ‘Can dog eat blueberries?’ It’s understandable that you love your furry best friend and you want the best for them. Sharing your favorite food may be considered a form of love and care, but you should also remember that animals have different digestive system with humans. You probably think that you are doing a good thing but are you?

Can Dog Eat Blueberries? The Facts about the Berries and Dog’s Digestive System

Granted that you probably dismiss the concern about can dog eat blueberries, considering that the fruit is good for you so it shouldn’t be wrong for them, right? Well, it doesn’t work like that, really. You see; humans and dogs share different kinds of anatomy and bodily functions.

Thing that’s good for you may not necessarily good for the dogs. Some of the foods you like may be dangerous for them. As a dog owner, you should have the basic knowledge about which food is good for them and which is bad.

The chocolate, for instance, is good for you (and even tasty, right?). Unfortunately, it is bad for your dogs. It will give them stomach upset and ache, which causes diarrhea. Chocolate can be pretty toxic and dangerous too, especially if you give them too much.

Your dogs won’t refuse when you give the chocolate to them but they will definitely suffer from the side effects later on. Never give your dogs any chocolate, in any form whatsoever, if you don’t want them to be poisoned.

Moreover, berries are considered superfoods because of their natural contents and beneficial traits. Another good thing about the berries is the variants of the fruits, and the blueberries are just one healthy variant that everyone likes.

The fact that they are packed with fiber and vitamin C makes them popular as the healthy superfood, good for your diet. They are also low in calories and fat, making them ideal as the alternative weight loss foods. So, can dog eat blueberries? Is it safe for them? In the basic general term, he answer is yes.

You can feed your dogs with blueberries although you may want to watch the portion. There hasn’t been any conclusive research or studies proving that blueberries are actually bringing good effect for the dogs. However, some studies have shown quite positive outcome from feeding them the blue purple-ish fruit.

When sled dogs were given blueberries as dietary supplement, the numbers of antioxidants in their blood have increased. The dogs are healthy and they show an improved health condition. So, can dog have blueberries? Yes, with moderation and careful monitoring.

The Proper Guidance for Dog’s Owners

So, if you have been wondering about can dog eat blueberries all of these times, your question has been answered. But then again, you can’t be careless about it as everything should be done carefully and under a watchful monitor.

1. Experts Opinion

Whether you are still wondering are blueberries good for dogs, you should know that canine nutritionists and vets have come to a decision that the fruit is okay for the dogs. Since blueberries are often used within dog treats and dog foods, they are considered safe – as long as it is kept in a moderate portion. Again, the key is moderation.

You are still risking your pets’ health and condition is you are being careless about it. The study done by University of Fairbanks Alaska in 2006 also confirmed the health benefits gained by eating the blueberries for dogs although it isn’t enough to produce conclusive scientific result. But still, it isn’t wrong to feed blueberries to your furry friend.

2. The Right Amount

The first thing you need to remember when giving out the blueberries is to include it as dietary supporting supplement or occasional treat, not as the main supplement or main diet. Dogs are still carnivores; they need meat to survive, stay strong, and stay healthy. Taking the meat from their diet will affect their health.

Now that your question about can dog eat blueberries has been answered, you should do it carefully. For a starter, consult the vet. They can give you the best advice of how much blueberries can be given to your dogs. In general rule of a thumb, less than 10 blueberries are considered okay for medium to big dogs.

However, small dogs have their own sizing because of their small size so if you have small dogs, better check it with the vet. Basically, how much you can give depends on their weight.

3. Feeding Guidance

Do you like making your own pets’ treats? If you do bake your own dog’s treats, mixing the dough with the fresh blueberries will be fine. Be mindful about the level of sugar because too much sugar won’t be good for their health and their weight either.

Of course, it would be best if you can give them the fresh berries. Be sure to clean them thoroughly. Check for molds or damage. Dogs would eat foods like humans.

If you don’t want to eat moldy or even rotten blueberries, they won’t either. In relation to the question can dog eat blueberries; you should make sure that the blueberries are clean, in a good condition, and edible. If it's still a puppy, check out our post about the right amount of food for your puppy before adultery.

Some dog owners like to give frozen berries as the treat. It is another good alternative you can try. Most dogs love having the crunchy snacks. But then again, it depends on your dogs, really. If they like it, go ahead. If they don’t, then stop doing it.

You probably consider about giving them blueberries muffin, pancakes, or cakes. It is better for you to avoid such a product – unless you make them yourself. It is not about the concern of can dog eat blueberries, but it is more about the sugary content. You can’t be really sure about how much sugar within the product when you buy the already baked items. Again, it would be better if you make them by yourself.

4. Careful Considerations

After consulting with the vet in deciding how much berries can be given to your dogs, you should tread the matter carefully. When feeding your dogs with blueberries, watch and observe them. What is their reaction? Are they showing signs of stomach upset or a change of behavior after being given the fruit? Are they okay?

Check for their stool and urine. If everything is okay, then their system can accept the blueberries quite well. Are blueberries bad for dogs? Basically not if you moderate the portion and you are being careful about it.

Before feeding them anything new, you should check your dogs’ health and condition, making sure that they are fine and healthy. Never try to assume anything on your own. Just because they seem fine, it doesn’t always mean that they are.

The vets are your friends in watching and monitoring your dog, so be sure to work together hand by hand with them. In the event that your dogs have the history of digestive issue or stomach problem, it would be better to avoid giving them blueberries at all.

5. Possible Side Effects

Can dog eat blueberries? Yes, they can but it doesn’t mean that you can give them whatever amount that you like. Two blueberries for small dogs are considered okay while five to six blueberries for medium to big dogs are still tolerable. In general, less than 10 blueberries are okay for medium to big sizes while less than 4 are okay for small sizes.

Be mindful of stomach upset and diarrhea. When your dog starts showing abnormalities and they experience watery stool, then you should stop giving out the blueberries. Some dogs may also have problems with allergies and irritation. This is why you should observe and monitor them closely after the feeding.

6. The Good Berries

can dog have blueberries

Blueberries aren’t the only berry variant that is good for dogs. Now that you already know the answer to the question can dog eat blueberries, it is time for you to know the other variants of berries.

So, you have the blueberries with their powerful contents of photochemical, fiber, and antioxidants, which are good for you and your dogs. Imagine being able to share the same fruits you like while enjoying the afternoon.

And the fact that you no longer have to be confused about the question can dog eat blueberries will be helpful to make yourself (and your dogs) healthy and happy. Try the smoothies. Your dogs will love it, just like they like the crunchy frozen blueberries although it is advisable that they consume solid foods instead of the liquid one.

Another berry to consider is the strawberries. Just like the blue purple-ish fruit, strawberries are packed with vitamin C, fiber, and other minerals and vitamins. Another cool thing about the strawberries is the natural enzyme they have to whiten the teeth, including your dogs’ teeth.

A handy tip for enjoying the strawberry: keep a bag of frozen strawberries so you can make a smoothie while feeding your dogs the crunchy treat. Both of you will have great times together! But don’t overfeed because the level of natural sugar in the strawberries is higher than the blueberries. Keep it to the minimum and you will be fine.

What about blackberries? They are also good for the dogs, as well as for you. They have high levels of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fiber. Not to mention that they are also good to fight off free radicals. Aside to the question can dog eat blueberries; dogs are also allowed to consume blackberries and strawberries. Again, it is in moderation, of course.

7. Fruits to Avoid

Just like humans, there are also some fruits that are just naturally bad for dogs. Whereas the matter about can dog eat blueberries has been settled, there are other fruits that dogs should avoid. Raisins or grapes are the reasons for food poisoning for dogs. You shouldn’t give your dog figs or avocados. Fig can cause allergy, vomiting, and diarrhea on dogs. Not to mention that it can also cause skin irritation. Avocados are bad because they cause a digestive issue, called as gastrointestinal irritation.

Coconut has different reactions to different dogs. Some dogs may be fine ingesting it but some may develop discomfort and bloating because of the triglycerides content. Some vets advise giving coconut oil for the improved benefits but you should always, always, and always consult with the vet.

Lemon and orange tree are also bad for dogs. Both of them have the so called psoralens that can cause poisoning, leading to vomiting, diarrhea, and depression. It is toxic not only for dogs, but also for horses and cats.

8. Handy Tips for Careful Consumption

Always talk to the vet about any consumption that your dogs have. Although you already know the answer to can dog eat blueberries question, the vet may need to do a thorough and detailed check to make sure that your dogs are completely fine and healthy. If you are thinking about changing their diets or introducing them to new foods, discuss it first with the vet.

If this is your first time feeding your dogs the blueberries, always start from small portion. It is the safest size to observe their reactions. The problem whether can dog eat blueberries has been resolved and it would be handy if they are already accustomed to the fruits since young.

If the vet says ok, you can start introducing different kinds of fruits, including the blueberries, since they are small puppies. Dogs are just like humans, they need to get used to something because they are pretty adaptable.

Some dogs just naturally don’t like raw produce. You should be creative about it in mixing the fruits with their foods or their treats. Never feed pits or seeds when feeding your dogs because they can cause toxic issue for the dogs’ digestive system.

As long as you are being extremely careful about this, feeding your dogs the healthy fruits (minus those that should be avoided) can help them improve their health, strength, and agility. In the event that you are into berries, you now know that it is okay for them to have a certain type of berries. So, can dog eat blueberries? Yes, they can with limited amount.

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