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Do you have a dog? How well its appearance? Having a dog is a wonderful experience in lifetime. But sometime a dog looks so bad when we can’t keep or groom our dog rightly. When this condition happens, we will feel so worry and also disappoint because of ourselves. Don’t worry, there are so many ways to keep our dog and make our dog look so good looking. Pet grooming is a solution for it.

A dog usually looks so dirty after playing with other animals or other dogs. We can bath our dog, but sometime we don’t know the right tips to clean our dog from bacteria and other thing that are bad for dog’s health. When this situation happens, you need help from a groomer. A groomer will know better about everything should be done to your dog, to make your dog looks so clean, pretty and also good looking. If you want to search for professional pet groomer for your dog, pet grooming may become your best choice. Here are more information about pet grooming.

Why Your Dog Need Grooming?

Some people may think that a dog can still be clean and healthy by bathing their dog routinely. Actually, the assumption is not right. A groomer will know better the steps for making your dog really clean. They will also do high effort to make your dog healthier than before. For you who have a dog, you have to know the reasons of why your dog needs to be groomed. Here some reasons that you have to know:

  1. Make Your Dog Healthier

A dog usually plays with other animal and contaminated by bacteria or germ. When they are groomed, there are so many bacteria that will go away. Then, their skin and also fur will be so clean and doesn’t become the media for bacteria and germ to live.

  1. Make Your Dog more Comfortable

You can imagine how uncomfortable a dog that is not groomed. To know the dog’s feeling, you can imagine yourself. Imagine that you are a woman and has long hair. But your hair is not cleaned for more than 1 week, and you also tie your hair tightly. How uncomfortable is it. It is the feeling that your dog feel. Your dog feels so uncomportable when their fur is so dirty and sticky. So, grooming will help your dog to get comfort, especially when you bring your dog to pet grooming. Your dog will be so comfort with the treatments.

  1. Make You Know What Happen to Your Dog

A professional groomer in pet grooming usually treats a dog well. He will also see the condition of your dog. If your dog has lumps, he will inform you about it, so you can bring your dog to a vet. By doing this, you will avoid your dog from serious diseases because you know earlier about something wrong in your dog.

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Pet Grooming Services

After reading the reasons of why your dog have to be groomed, have you decided to bring your dog to a groomer? If you decide to do it, then you can go to pet grooming to make your dog healthier, pretty and more good looking. There are so many services that are offered by pet grooming. Globally, the service can be divided into some steps. Here the services that are usually offered by pet grooming:

  • Brush Out

The first step of grooming is brush out the dog fur or coat. Why it should be done first? It is because your dog should be happy when bathing. If your dog has matted coat and isn’t brushed first, then the bathing process will be done so long, and it will make your dog feel so boring, sometime it makes your dog under pressure and unhappy. The condition leads to unsuccessful process of grooming.

  • Nail Trimming

The next step of grooming is nail trimming. A dog should get nail trimming because it is important part of grooming. Nail trimming is done to make your dog feel so comfortable with its nail. When your dog has long nail, it makes your dog feel difficult to walk, even long nail can cause ingrown nail. Ingrown nail will make your dog feel so difficult to walk and run.

  • Ear Cleaning

Another part of grooming is ear cleaning. Your dog needs this treatment because ear may become a place where the bacteria and germ lives. When your dog in pet grooming, its ear will be cleaned, and it makes them so comfortable later. Not only clean the ear, a groomer will also remove dead hair from the ear. Then, your dog will avoid of ear infection.

  • Bathing and Blow Drying

All dogs who visit pet grooming will be bathed and get blow drying. Bathing process will be done optimally. The shampoo that will be used is high quality shampoo. Herb shampoo will be used for bathing a dog which has irritation. Bright white shampoo will be used for brightening up the coat of a dog, and insecticidal shampoo will be used for a dog which has fleas in their fur. So, the bathing process will become effective way to make your dog has the best appearance.

  • Teeth Cleaning

Other service which is offered by pet grooming is teeth cleaning. A groomer will clean your dog’s teeth, so your dog will avoid of plaque.

  • Styling

For you who want to make your dog more good looking, you can take styling service for making your dog fur look so charming. A professional groomer in pet grooming will be ready to clip your dog’ fur, so that your dog will have pretty fur. You will also feel so happy when seeing it.

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How Often My Dog should be Groomed?

After reading the services that are offered by pet grooming, you definitely want to bring your dog to pet grooming. Now you may wonder about how many times you have to bring your dog to a groomer. Actually, your dog needs to be groomed once a month and you should also do grooming in your home to make your dog feel so comfortable.


It means that you have to brush your dog fur to avoid matted coat. You can also bath your dog once a week by using certain shampoo. Don’t ever use human shampoo for bathing your dog, because it can make your dog fur look so dull, and it can also cause irritation in your dog’ body.


So besides bring your dog to pet grooming, you have to do simple grooming by yourself. It helps your dog to be always in clean and nice condition. Your dog will feel so comfortable because of it. It is also a chance for you to know well about your dog.

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When My Dog should be Groomed?

Another question that may appear is about time to get grooming. Actually, a dog should be groomed earlier, especially dogs with long hair or coat. But, make sure that your dog has got various types of vaccine such as corona, parvo and also rabies.


A dog which has got vaccine usually will be strong and have good immunity system. They will resistant to various types of diseases that can be transmitted through other dogs or animals. As we know that in grooming place, there are so many animals and dogs. Some dogs in grooming place may have healthy body and avoid of virus. But the remains may have been infected by dangerous virus. So to avoid the risk, your dog should get vaccine before going to the grooming place.


Other thing you have to know is the steps you have to do after your dog get vaccine. After vaccination, your dog should be isolated for 1-2 weeks. It is done to make sure that the vaccine has work in your dog’s body. So, let your dog to be isolated for 2 weeks before going to pet grooming. It is better for your dog. Then when your dog in grooming place, your dog will resistant to various type of virus, so you will not feel so worry and will be so calm when your dog is groomed.


Other tip for you who have a dog and doing grooming by yourself, you have to use certain brush for your dog. Some dogs usually have lumps, so make sure that the brush does not make your dog hurt. Another thing you have to do for having healthy and good looking dog is, give your dog the best nutrition. Don’t give your dog foods that contain preservatives. You can go to a vet to know the right nutrition for your dog.


Those are the details information about dog grooming. So, have you decided to bring your dog too pet grooming? Here you will see your dog groomed so well by professional groomer. Then, your dog will feel so comfortable with clean and tidy hair. Looking your dog happy, actually make you so happy, isn’t it? So, you have to consider for bringing your dog to pet grooming.


Remember that your dog will feel so annoying when they has matted coat. Understand your dog, and give your dog the best grooming, then you will see the best look of your dog. Finally, hopefully the information about dog grooming above will be useful for you, and make you more taking care of your dog. Loves your dog, and then your dog will love you.

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