How do Puppies Get Parvo? All About Parvo You Have to Know

There are so many types of diseases that can be suffered by puppies and dogs. Every type has different infection level. Some of them may not cause serious effect, but the remains are very dangerous and can threat puppies and dogs. Some diseases caused by virus usually can cause serious problem, and puppies or dogs can’t survive because of it. One of disease that often makes the puppies’ owner feel so worry is parvo. What is parvo? And how do puppies get parvo? Read this information to know details information about parvovirus, the cause of parvo, and also the signs of infection that caused by parvovirus.

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What is Parvovirus? And How do Puppies Get Parvo?

How do puppies get parvo? This question will appear when you learn about parvovirus. Parvovirus or Canine Parvovirus is a virus that cause infectious disease, and can threat puppies or dogs that are infected by this virus. The attack of parvovirus is so fast, it separates the body cell in puppies or dog, even attacks their intestines. Parvovirus can also attack leukocyte and when infects the puppies, this virus can destroy heart muscle and can cause heart problem in puppies during its lifetime.

Parvo is serious disease and has potential to make puppies or dogs die. Puppies which are infected by Parvo often die because some problems that are caused by this virus. Most dogs that are infected by Parvo are under the age of 1 year. The virus is so contagious and doesn’t require direct contact. Parvovirus can live in the ground or dogs ‘feces that has been infected for 1 year, or in extreme temperature.

Incubation time for parvovirus is 3-10 days. The symptoms will appear after the incubation time, it will progress fast within 12 hours or less. So, this virus is so dangerous and should be avoided. But the problem is, the virus is so difficult to avoid.

How do puppies get pravo? Some people may wonder about parvovirus that is so easy to infect their puppies. Why their puppies get parvo? It is because the disease is easily transmitted. Although your puppies are always in your home or yard, but the virus still easily transmitted. This virus or disease can come from shoes, tire or other things that contact with soil or feces where the virus lives.

Now you have known the answer of “how do puppies get parvo?” Let’s learn more about parvovirus by reading the information below.

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How to Recognize the Puppies that are Infected by Parvovirus?

Puppies’ owner usually feels so panic and worries when their puppies suffer disease. When the puppies infected by parvovirus, they will have some symptoms. As puppies’ owner, you have to know the symptoms of parvovirus. But you have to be careful because sometime the symptoms of parvovirus look like other diseases such as corona virus and enteritis that caused by hemorrhagic bacteria, coccidiosis and hookworms.

So, as the puppies’ owner you have to do the right step to make sure whether your dog infected  by parvovirus or not. Read the steps below to recognize puppies that are infected by parvovirus.

  1. Considering the age of your dog. Parvo is usually suffered by puppies at the age between six to twenty weeks, and 85% of all parvo infections occur in dogs that are younger than one year. The puppies are most vulnerable because they have more cells divided rapidly in their stomach and intestines. These cells become the target of parvovirus. If you have an older dog, your dog just have a little risk to get parvo.

If the mother of your puppy is not injected by parvo vaccine, then the virus may appear at an earlier age, that is the first few weeks of a dog’s life.

  1. Considering your dog race. Some races of dog are easily infected by parvovirus. Some races that are easily infected by parvovirus are Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, American Pit bull terrier and German Shepherd. So if your puppies included into the race mentioned before, you should be careful and monitor your puppies if they have some symptoms of parvo.


  1. Observe your puppies. The first symptom that will appear because of parvovirus is weakness. When your puppies look so tired, weak and lazy to eat, then you should be careful because it can be the symptom of parvo.


  1. Check your puppies’ temperature. When they are infected by parvovirus, they usually have high temperature (40-41o C)


  1. Parvovirus can cause vomiting too. So when your puppies vomit, you have to pay attention of it and don’t let your puppies in dangerous situation. You can go to a vet to check your puppies.


  1. Parvovirus can also cause diarrhea. So, check your puppies’ feces. If their feces look like liquid and also accompanied by bleeding, then your dog may be infected by parvovirus. This condition will make the puppies dehydration.


  1. Parvovirus cause anemia in puppies. So, you have to check their gum. If their gum look so pale, they may be infected by parvovirus.

How to Diagnose Parvo virus?

Now you have known how puppies get parvo. As explained above, they may be infected by the virus because swallow thing that consist of parvovirus. After you know about parvovirus and the reason of how does puppies get parvo, you have to know how to do when your puppies have the symptoms of parvo. You can’t give medication before make sure whether your puppies get parvo or not. Here some steps you can follow to diagnose parvovirus:

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Step 1

The first step you have to do is going to a vet, and bring your puppies to be checked and get medication. You don’t have to wait until your puppies suffer many symptoms. When your puppies have one or two symptoms of parvo, you have to go to a vet immediately. It will make your puppies have a chance to heal and survive. Some puppies or dogs can’t survive because their owner is late to bring them to a vet. So, don’t be late because your puppies are in dangerous situation when they are infected by parvovirus.


Step 2

Ask your vet to do ELISA-Antigen to diagnose parvo. Enzyme Linked Immune Sorbent Assay (ELISA) is a test for diagnosing parvo in the puppies’ feces. A vet usually conducts this test to know whether the puppy infected by parvo or not. But sometime this test is not accurate. When it happens, you can ask a vet to do hemagglutnation and also blood test. The result of those tests will prove the existence of parvovirus in puppies.


Step 3

Do everything which is recommended by your vet. Nowadays, parvovirus included into virus that can’t be handled easily. So, you can’t handle the virus by yourself and should ask a vet to help you in treating your puppies. Do every suggestion or recommendation from your vet. A vet usually knows the best treatment or medication for puppies which are infected by parvovirus. Some medications or treatment that usually conducted by a vet to puppies which are infected by parvo are as follow:

  • Inpatient
  • Anti-vomiting medication
  • Intravenous fluids
  • Probiotic
  • Vitamins therapy

Puppies which are infected by parvo can be helped by those treatments. The treatments can make the puppies survive and also healthy as before. So, don’t be late to bring your puppies to a vet. When you can bring your puppies to a vet earlier, then your puppies have a chance to survive and back to the healthy condition.

Things You Have to Know about Parvo

After reading the explanation above, of course you have know how do puppies get parvo, the symptoms of parvo and also the diagnose steps of parvo. But talking about parvo, there are still many things about it that you have to know. Because it will be better for you and your puppies, here the things you have to know about parvo:

  • Vaccination is the only way to prevent your puppy infected by parvo. The first vaccination can be given from the age of five to six weeks. This vaccination must be repeated for two to three weeks, with a total provision at least three times. So, make sure that your puppies get parvo vaccine when they are in age of five to six weeks. Don’t wait until parvovirus attack your puppies and make your puppies suffer so much.
  • Parvo is a powerful virus that is very stable. The virus is resistant to many disinfectants and can survive for a long time – even up to several months. Keep the environment of your puppies. Make sure that your puppies play in the clean place and also eat clean and healthy food to make them avoid of parvovirus
  • Look for products labeled to be an effective disinfectant for parvovirus. By doing this, you can keep your puppies from parvovirus.
  • Parvovirus is a disease caused by virus and can’t be handled by antibiotic. So, don’t think that your vet can heal your puppies easily when the puppies infected by this virus. The main point you have to remember is, don’t be late to go to a vet for saving your puppies. Although the virus can’t be handled by antibiotic, but the right treatment and medication can make the puppies survive and heal.

Those are the information about how do puppies get parvo, the symptoms of parvo and also the diagnose process of parvo. Now you will not wonder about how do puppies get parvo because the explanation above has answered your question. Then when your puppies have parvovirus symptoms, you have to bring your puppies to a vet immediately. You have to keep your puppies by cleaning the environment where they usually plays and lives. And be careful when they have parvo symptoms. Recognize it earlier to save them from parvovirus. You must remember that parvovirus can make the puppies die. So, you have to recognize the symptoms of parvo earlier and bring your puppies to a vet for getting the right treatment. Hopefully after reading the explanation above, you can take care of your puppies optimally and know the best answer for ‘how do puppies get parvo?” question.




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