How Long does Parvo Live and How To Cure Parvo?


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Parvo or parvovirus is one deadly virus common to the dog community. It has high mortality rate and responsible for deaths of millions of dogs and cries of their owner. However there are hope as with today’s veterinarian and science, parvo is a treatable disease and can be prevented by vaccination.  However if your dog caught parvo, one question ever asked is How long does parvo last.

The short answer is long time, how long ? It is the subject of this article. Here we will discuss things about Parvo, The virus itself, symptoms, treatment and preventive measure you can take including how to clean parvo out of your environment.

What Is Parvo?

Parvo is a deriviation from a latin word parvus which mean small, indeed true. Parvo virus measuring only about 20-26 nanometers. This virus is one of the smallest virus ever discovered in our planet.  This virus was first discovered in 1967 and later code named as CPV-1 virus. Eleven years later in the United States, another strain of this virus were discovered and code named as CPV-2.

The virus is though to be the mutation or variant of feline panleukopenia virus which were also happen to be variant of parvo virus.  Parvo virus however mostly affects canines family including wolves, coyotes and foxes and attacks the gastrointestinal tracts and linings of your dogs.

Do you have puppy who has or has had parvo before ? You may think of how to actually disinfect the infectious virus thinking on how long does parvo last and eliminate it entirely from your environment.  Your concern is valid and reasonable as parvo virus is highly lethal and pups are vulnerable on it.  The virus is also a survivalist that it can last quite a long time in your home and yard.

First however we will introduce you bit about the virus and how it can infect your dogs for better understanding the mechanics, dynamics that would help us taking better precautionary methods. Think you know whole Parvo ? Good but let this article enhance your understanding further.

In 1979 a new strain of the virus was discovered and code named as CPV-2a and later CPV-2b and CPV-2c which so far the most prevalent type and have been identified in 15 states.


Although there are so many disturbingly different strains of parvo virus. Fortunately the treatment methods and technique, vaccination protocols and others remains the same. The time on how long does parvo last and survives in your environment, such as in your home, rooms, garages and yards remains pretty much the same across the virus strains. Thus one methods should work against them, all you need is persistence and careful.

What makes your puppy vulnerable toward parvo virus.

Before visiting on how long does parvo last we may need to assess some vulnerabilty that can make your puppy contract parvovirus.

If you plan on getting a new puppy and worried about Parvo in the environment because there’s another sick puppy lived there before ? Learning the vulnerability of puppies against parvo is important and so is to minimize the chance of exposure.

In order to get exposed in infected by parvo, a puppies or dogs must contract the viral particles which can be found in feces, infected soils and basically everything that can carry the virus around such as shoes, car tires, dog paws, kitchen utensils,  hoe, gardening equipment. Transmission mode is referred as fecal-oral mode.

Although containing words fecal, it does not mean that your puppy can only get the virus by eating feces of the infected dog. It can get parvo by simply licking on your contaminated shoes, or even by licking its own paw after walking around the infected soils.. It can also get it by eating whatever food it can found on the ground.

Consider that due to its survive ability and how long does parvo last, the virus can got carried in insect, birds or rodents which can be accidentally eaten by your dog.  Puppies diagnosed to have parvo must be isolated and treated for at least 3 weeks before be released and frequenting areas that populated by dogs.  It’s best to consult your vet on when to reintroduce your dog after isolation.

Allen J. Schaben –– – Humane Society staff members treat a critically ill cocker spaniel, with Parvo, who was having a seizure Friday, July 23, 2004 at the San Diego Humane Society. The pet market has been swamped by puppies smuggled in from Mexico. But the dogs are disease–ridden and often die within a few days, leaving people's hearts broken. The problem is so serious that local and federal officials are clamping down, causing the smugglers to go underground. Puppies are now smuggled into the country just like drugs and other contraband.
Allen J. Schaben –– – Humane Society staff members treat a critically ill cocker spaniel, with Parvo, who was having a seizure Friday, July 23, 2004 at the San Diego Humane Society. The pet market has been swamped by puppies smuggled in from Mexico. But the dogs are disease–ridden and often die within a few days, leaving people’s hearts broken. The problem is so serious that local and federal officials are clamping down, causing the smugglers to go underground. Puppies are now smuggled into the country just like drugs and other contraband.

Dogs most vulnerable to parvo

Puppies are the most vulnerable and predisposed to this virus. Though adult dogs may got parvo too, about 80% of adult dogs may not show any sign or symptoms of parvo virus.  Vulnerability toward parvo also seems to be related to age as puppies between the age of 6 weeks to about 6 months appears to be most adversely affected by parvo.  Another sign of vulnerability also shown on certain black and tan breeds like rottweilers,  German Shepherds, doberman, pit bulls, Alaskan sled dogs, spaniels and Labrador retriever.

Whether a pup could get infected or not however depends on the virulence of the strain, amount of ingested viral particles exposed to puppies and its overall level of immunity and health (Stress, diet, presence of other infection such as worms)

Preventive Steps Against Parvo And How To Cure Parvo

In this section we may discuss some prevention steps on how long does parvo last. The start is of course vaccination that will improve the odds of survival of the dogs.


If you plan on getting a new puppy, make sure that it’s got its shot of vaccine. Puppies must be vaccinated while it’s still in the breeder’s hand in age of around 6 to 8 weeks. It’s the time when the natural immunity provided by the mother dog through its milk start to wear off.

Once you got your puppy and take it home, it’s crucial that you as new owner to take over and continue the vaccination effort to the puppy every 3-4 weeks until the whole vaccination series is completed.  Generally after the breeder give the initial vaccination, puppies are given vaccine boosters at 10-12 and 14-16 weeks of age.

During that time consider that protection does not take effect immediately as the puppy’s body must generate its own antibody first. it will take about 14-16 days post vaccination for the body to develop countermeasure for adequate protection on how long does parvo last. In some states or if you have predisposed breed, your vet might suggest shots of additional booster around 20 weeks.

Even after 14-16 days, it’s still unsafe to consider that your puppy would be safe toward infection before the ends of vaccination series.  Veterinarian and expert of immunology suggest that there;s no vaccine produces 100% protection 100% of the time. It can improve the odds of your puppy will be protected from parvo but it does not guarantee it.

Deworming/fecal tests.

Worms especially those inhibiting small intestine are dangerous as they suck blood and compromise the puppy’s immune system. Thus puppy or dog with worms are apt to be more vulnerable to parvo. Thereby it is important to check for worms or other parasites and keep your dog’s immune system stable.

Limiting Exposure.

Another way of preventing parvo that you can do as owners is actually to prevent their puppy from frequenting areas where parvo virus is suspected to exist or high risk especially if you consider on how long does parvo last. Examples being parks, pet stores and those field frequented by strays.  It should be done that way at least before the vaccination series is completed with whole vaccines and boosters administered and with approval of your vet.

Coincidentally during this time puppies need to be socialized in between 4 and 12-16 weeks of age where the window of socialization is open. In this case you may need to read the guide made by American veterinary Societo of Animal Behavior on socialization of your puppy. It provides good guide that balance safety and need of socialization.

If you are concerned about the parvo virus in your home and yard because a puppy with parvo has shed the virus, read on for expert guidelines.

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How Long Does Parvo Live?

Parvo is a long time survivor and a hard bastard, Parvo can live a very long time. The virus is able to survive in harsh and adverse climatic condition. Utah association of veterinary clinic said that parvo virus can live to up to 6 months to 1 year. The time frame is related to several factors.

In shaded area and with no effort to decontaminate. The virus is expected to live up to 7 months. While in full sun exposed area, the virus is expected to just only have 5 months of lifespan.  According to veterinary manual by Merck. At room temperature  it remain infectious for about two months.  One good news is that parvo does not life as long as what it should be in indoor condition.

Resistant to disinfectant Products.

During your decontamination effort to shorten on how long does parvo last, you cannot just kill this virus with just any disinfectant. parvo virus requires specific condition in order to be knocked out of commission. One product you can use is Bleach solution. One part bleach in 30 parts of water to be more exact. Let it soaking the surface for 10 minutes  for maximum effectiveness.

However one side effect is that bleach may remove colors from surfaces like your carpets, rugs, upholster and blankets.

Impossible to be completely decontaminated.

The scariest fact about how long does parvo last. It can’t be completely disinfected.  Despite your extensive cleaning effort, complete destruction and annihilation of parvo virus from outdoor environment like your yard is nearly impossible.  It’s ture that you can dilute viral particles by hosing down the lawn if you have drainage, or you can spray the whole garden out with disinfectant.

However it’s likely only reducing the number of viral particles around and hopefully reduce it to well acceptable level that less harmful to your dogs or puppies. However no guarantees can be made.



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