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Frankly speaking, it is not quite easy to know about physic and behavior of Dogo Argentino. It can be seen how many people fail to differentiate between this dog and pit bull. Even, some of them are searching information about Dogo Argentino vs Pit Bull. It clearly shows that some people don’t know exactly what Dogo Argentino looks like.

How about you? Possibly, you are one of them who are still trying to find out the characteristic of this dog. It is good to try. You can open any website which explains about different type of dog. Even, you can open encyclopedia book about animal, especially about dog.

The question is that how much time you have to spend to find correct information about this dog? You might take several days. Indeed, it won’t make you tired since you have high curiosity to know about Dogo Argentino dog. You might be served with scientific information about this animal. You might find a lot of references saying that it has another name. It is Argentine Mastiff.

Of course, that information is not unimportant. Nevertheless, as the one who wants to have this type of dog, you need the other information such as about how to take care of Dogo Argentino, how to feed it, what exercise you have to give, and many others.

However, first of all, you have to be able to differentiate between Dogo Argentino and pit bull in advance. Like what has been explained before, you might be able to read encyclopedia or trusted website. It might be take your time, right? When you need fast, just close the book and take your time to read this following information. Now, you will get anything you want to know about. Just spare your time to read this compact yet complete info about Dogo Argentino.

Get To Know About Characteristic of Dogo Argentino

Talking about physical of Dogo Argentino, it means that understanding about its characteristics. So, let’s start learning about this dog’s physical features.

Learn Dog Argentino Physically

It is reasonable when people are difficult to differentiate between this dog and pit bull. At glance, both are similar each other. However, let’s see closer.

Dog argentine has black nose and lips. Meanwhile, the eyes have unique shape. It is like diamond shape. If it is still hard for you to convince yourself that it is Dogo Argentino, just take a look closer to the eyes. It has dark and set apart widely.

Still confused? Further, look at its ears. Sometimes, the ears are upright. However, they can turn to triangle when they are cropped.

Those who really love dog and understand the different types of dog, they are able to determine whether it is Dogo Argentino dog or not from the distance. They might pay more attention to the tail. Possibly, you can learn this hack. So, why do they look at the tail? Because, Dogo Argentino has different tail when it is compared to the other dogs’ tail. The tail is thick and a bit long. When the dog is walking or running, the tail gets longer and moves forth and back. Meanwhile, when it sits still or sleeps, the tail hangs down.

Dogo Argentino’s Behavior

It is quite confusing to understand behavior of Dogo Argentino. Why? Because sometimes it can be so friendly dog. But, it can be so aggressive and fearless. That is why people also call it as a hunter dog.

So, why can it happen? That different behavior is determined by how the owner breeds it. When the owner trains it to be a friendly dog, it can be companion type of dog. On the other side, it can be watchdog or hunter when the owner trains it how to be strong and dangerous.

However, it has to be noticed that this dog still can be a friend even though it is trained to be a hunter dog. Check it out here if you want to know more about dog training tips. Even, it will not be dangerous for children. You can see a lot of children are so happy to run and play with this type of dog in the street or in the garden, right? So, it can be seen that Dogo Argentino is gentle and protective of family, owner, those who love it, and not to mention children.

Now, you can clearly what Dogo Argentino look like, can’t you? However, it is not impossible that there is Dogo Argentino pit bull mix. It is like what people say that there are a lot of cases in which two different types of animal are mixed. It is expected that there is a newborn type of animal. In this case, it is quite possible that you can find Dogo Argentino mixed between Dogo Argentino and pit bull.

Try To Differentiate Between Dogo Argentino With Pit Bull

Even though it has been clearly defined what physical and behavior of Dogo Argentino is, there is someone who still doesn’t have any idea to differentiate between Dogo Argentino and pit bull. To make it much clearer, let’s make comparison between both of them.

1. Size

Of course Dogo Argentino has larger and taller body than pit bull. However, size of the body indeed is also determined by the age of the dog itself.

At glance, both types of dog seem to be similar in size since both of them have powerful and muscular body. Nevertheless, it looks different when Dogo Argentino is standing. It looks larger and taller. Its weight can be more than 80 pounds. You can imagine how tall and how big the body size of Dogo Argentino.

2. Ears Shape

Like what has been explained before, Dogo Argentino’s ears have triangular shape. What about pit bull ears? They are rose.

Let’s see much closer. There is a smooth hair covering small spots in its ears. At the same time, the hair covers the back of the cheeks as well.

3. Eyes Shape

Moving to the eyes, you can differentiate much easier. Generally, Dogo Argentino has dark eyes in diamond shape. Meanwhile, pit bull has round eyes in medium size.

3. Eyes Shape

Moving to the eyes, you can differentiate much easier. Generally, Dogo Argentino has dark eyes in diamond shape. Meanwhile, pit bull has round eyes in medium size.

4. Tail

When Dogo Argentino is playing, walking, or running, the tail is raised and moving back and forth. However, when it is sleeping, the tail is hanging down. In short, the tail is whip while pit bull’s tail is straight.

5. Breed

It has to be known that Dogo Argentino is rare. It is rarer than pit bull. That is why sometimes Dogo Argentino is sold more expensive. Nevertheless, a lot of people keep hunting since it can be easily trained and then it can be so friendly with the owner.

In this case, there is similarity with pit bull. Dogo Argentino is heavy exercise. However, Dogo Argentino is more obedient.

If you finally decide to buy Dogo Argentino, make sure that you have enough money. In general, Dogo Argentino puppy is sold for approximately $2000 USD. Meanwhile, adult Dogo Argentino is sold for about $5000 USD till $ 6000 USD.

So, do you still want to have one?

The price would not be any matter if you really love a dog. Even, you can use it as a birthday gift for your child. Try to make your child be friend with a lovely dog. Don’t you ever hear that dog is loyal and protector animal to the owner?

People Love To Have Black Dogo Argentino

It is totally free for you to choose whether you want to have white or black Dogo Argentino. White dog is so cute. What about black?

 It is quite possible that you have already decided to find white dog. However, wait a second. You can change your mind after hearing option from those who prefer black Dogo Argentino.

  Black is Clean

How come? It sound irrational when it is stated black is clean. Of course white is clean. Meanwhile, black is usually used as color to show dirt.

However, it is not what it is meant by “black in clean”. In this case, when you can choose black Dogo Argentino, the dog will look clean all time. Black leather makes the dog retain its dirtiness. Therefore, it is said that black is clean.

Don’t you agree with that?

  Black Color Shows Strength

Dog is not a friend but also a protector. As a protector, it has to be strong. At least, when enemy, someone, or something scares the dog owner, the dog can scare it back with its appearance first. And you must be agree that black dog is much scarier than white dog, right?

  Make You Look Slim

Are you busy finding out the effective way to lose your weight? When you have been so tired since you don’t see any good result after applying some tips, please try to hug black Dogo Argentino dog. Take a picture with the dog and find out how slim you are.

It sounds ridiculous and impossible. However, it can be proven scientifically. According to the research, black is sliming color. It means that black makes you look slimmer. That is why those who have a problem with weight are suggested to wear black T-shirt or clothes. They also can buy black dog. Try to hug it every time you take a picture.

Ready To Go To Halloween Party

It must be fun if you take your dog to Halloween party. And you don’t have to dress it with scary dress since black dog has been scaring. Everybody will see you like a vampire carrying out scary black Dogo Argentino.

Have you changed your mind after knowing the advantages of having black Dogo Argentino?

Special Dogo Argentino Treatment Required

When you have Dogo Argentino, it is a must for you to know how to treat or take care of it properly. It is special so the treatment is special as well.

Therefore, you need the time to learn how to treat this dog. It is unlike the other dogs that you can give any kind of food and any exercises. There are many things that you have to learn first when you have your heart set on having this type of dog.

 So, what do you need to learn? Here are some important points.

How Many Times Do You Have To Feed The Dogo Argentino?

It depends on the age. If you have 8 till 12 weeks old, it is necessary for you to give four meals in a day. When it has been 3 till 6 months old, feed it with three meals a day.

The amount of meal changes when it is growing up. When it has been 6 months old till 1 year old, give 2 bowl meals of food every day. And 1 bowl of meal is enough when the dog is 1 year old above.

You might raise one more question. What type of food Dogo Argentino loves to eat? Actually, it is not good question. Besides the food the dog loves to eat, you have a role to select the best food the dog has to eat. The food has to be in high nutrition and hygiene like raw meat.

Exercise Required

It would be better for you to spare your time to train your Dogo Argentino. It is good to do it in daily basis in order that it is getting stronger.

What type of exercise is needed? You can train it about how to chase, dig, and herd. Those exercises can be trained every day to make sure Dogo Argentino has good health. You should remember that it has to get heavy exercise since it determines how intelligent your Dogo Argentino is.

Avoid Boredom and Stress

Dog is like human. It can feel stress and boredom. It can be caused by many factors. Regardless different factors, regular exercise is necessary. There is a proof that the dog which gets regular exercises is able to stay healthy and avoid stress. So, it is not only important to maintain good physical health but also mental health.

Clean It Properly

Actually, you don’t have to clean it up by showering so frequent. Dogo Argentino only needs a bath few times in a year.

You don’t have to worry when Dogo Argentino dog is rarely showered. If you clean up your dog properly, the dog will not be infected by any diseases.

Improve Dog’s Immune System

There is something similar to human again. Dog also needs protection. The important thing to protect its health is by improving immune system. Therefore, you have to take it to the vet and ask for vaccination. It can be done one a year. Make sure that your dog is immunize to prevent it to get infected with parvo diseases.

If you think that you are capable of giving special treatment to the Dogo Argentino, it is great time for you to hunt the best one.

Time To Learn About Dogo Argentino Breed

It sounds interesting when you hear that a lot of people are interested in having this Dogo Argentino. Do you know why?

Before answering that question, it is better to track back for a moment. In the past, there was someone named Agustin who carried on the breeding program. It was at 1956. At that time, it could be said that the breeding program succeed. Agustin found out that Dogo Argentino was a skilled hunting dog. Finally, this dog was used for many purposes. It was used for hunting moose, searching, and rescuing. Because of its high skill, military department was interested to use it as a dog to help in military duty.

For the times being, people know Dogo Argentino as the most cheerful, friendly, and high intelligent dog. That becomes the reason why people are competing to have one even though it is sold in high price.

Are you interested in doing bredding program? If so, it can be one of the ways for you to earn money.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to breed Dogo Argentino dog. You have to know how to give correct exercises, make sure health maintained well, place it in the best area, and many others. It would be great if you read a guide book about how to breed Dogo Argentino.

It is strongly suggested that you buy one first. Try to treat it well. Learn step by step from the guidance book. Apply all the rules explained in the book. See what the result. When you think that you are successful to take care of Dogo Argentino and you are sure you can do breeding program, then you have correct time to try.

Remember that Dogo Argentino is a skilled dog. Therefore, you only can sell it when it has good intelligent to protect the owner, search something missing, rescue person need some helps, and many other jobs. It is not only a dog which is able to chase and catch the ball. It is more than that. It can be a savior when you are in dangerous situation. In short, you can rely on Dogo Argentino.

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