Should You Give a Supplement to Your Dog?

Do you have puppies? Something that should be considered when you have puppies is giving them the best nutrition. As a good owner, you have to give them good food to make them grow so well. But sometime puppies’ owners feel so unconfident about nutrition they give for their puppies. Then, they decide to give them puppy supplement. Is puppy supplement needed by puppy? Read the information below to know more about puppy supplement.

Do My Puppy Need Puppy Supplement?

Supplement is the product to complete the meals. Supplement contains much nutrition that will make a puppy grow so healthy. Some nutrition which usually found in supplement are vitamin, mineral, amino acid and other nutrition that are so good for improving puppy’s health.


Some people think that supplement just needed by puppy which has disease or lack of vitamins, whereas puppy supplement can support the growth of puppies. puppy supplement should be given to puppy which usually eat home-made food. The owner may not know whether the nutrition need of the puppy has been fulfilled or not, so puppy supplement is needed to make sure that the puppies has got right nutrition for their health.

To make sure your puppies’s health, you can visit a vet to know what your puppies need. Then, you will know what the nutrition that is needed by your puppies, and you can search for the best puppy supplement for your puppies. Actually, a vet always gives you recommendation about the best tabs puppy supplement for your puppies.

When My Puppy Need Puppy Supplement?

There are some cases where a puppy needs to be given tabs supplement. Although supplement can make a puppy grow so well and healthy, but tab supplement is really needed by a puppy which experiences these conditions:

  • A Puppy is Diagnosed to have Certain Mineral or Vitamin Deficiency

A puppy can suffer nutrition deficiency, and it cause many bad effects for its health. When your puppy has been diagnosed to have vitamin or mineral deficiency, the best way you can do is giving your puppy tabs supplement. It will help you to make your puppy get the nutrition need. A vet usually will give single or low combination of puppy supplement to make your puppy get the nutrition need.

  • A Puppy is Detected to have Certain disease

There are some diseases can be suffered by a puppy and the best way to alleviate them is by giving the supplement. For example, a puppy which has dermatitis can be healed by consuming zinc supplement.

  • A Puppy that Eats Home-Cooked Meals

Some owners of puppies always give home-cooked meals to their puppies. According to them, home-cooked meals are the best nutrition for their puppies. They also think that giving home-cooked meals to their puppies is a proof of their love for their puppies. Well, that is not wrong. Giving home-cooked meals actually prove your love, but you may not know about something. Home-cooked meals usually have lack of vitamins and also mineral. Why? It is because some vitamins and mineral can destroy when the cooking process. So, your puppies just eat the meals with low nutrition. If the condition happens continuously, your puppies will have nutrition deficiency, so you have to give puppy supplement to your puppies. By giving supplement for your puppies, you can help your puppies to get their nutrition and live well and healthy.

  • A Puppy has Musculo-skeletal Problem

Skeletal and joint are the important part of dog or puppies’ anatomy. Those usually work every time whenever the puppies move. So when a puppy suffer musculo-skeletal problem, they will feel pain in joint or muscle. The best treatment to solve this problem is giving your puppies the best supplement. The right puppy supplement will make your puppies free of musculo-skeletal problem. Then, your puppies will be healthy and always live well.


How to Choose the Best Puppy Supplement?

puppy supplement can become the best supportive product to make a puppy healthy and live well, but it depends on the nutrition of it. When the supplement contains best nutrition, then the supplement will be helpful. As the puppy owner, you have to choose the right tab pet puppy supplement to make your puppy healthy.


Nowadays, there are so many types of puppy supplement. You can’t choose all supplements, but you have to choose the right supplement that matches with your puppy’s need. To make sure that supplement you choose is really good for your puppy, read the information below.


All Supplement are not Equal

Supplement for puppies are varies and you may confuse to choose the best one. But, every type of supplement consists of different nutrition. Ask your vet to give you recommendations because a vet knows better about nutrition that your puppies need. But for your information, the best pet supplement should consist of this nutrition:

  • Nutrient for completing nutrition deficient in meals or food you buy in the store
  • Nutrient for improving immune system
  • Nutrient for improving the strength of joint and muscle
  • Nutrient for reducing inflammation or injuries
  • Nutrient that are good for coat and skin
  • Nutrient for proper digestion and absorption of all nutrition.

Important Nutrient

Now you have known the best nutrient in supplement. But if you still confuse to choose the best supplement, here the list of best nutrition that should be contained on puppy supplement:

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and also fat oxidation reducer that will increase the production of good cholesterol.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It works well with vitamin E

  • Beta-carotene

It is an important antioxidant for puppie’s body.

  • Omega 3

It is found in salmon or flax seed oil and become powerful anti-inflammatory. It is effective to solve some diseases in dog, such as arthritis, hip dysplasia and autoimmune diseases.


The Manufacture

There are so many brands or companies that produce puppy supplement. For you who are confused to choose the best supplement, you can read the review of your potential puppy supplement. You can see the review from internet, or in dog lover’s group. Then you will know the types of puppy supplement that is effective and good for your puppies.


5 Recommended Puppy Supplement

Now you have known the ways to choose the best puppy supplement and also the criteria for the best puppies supplement. If you still confuse to choose the best supplement for your puppies, here some recommended puppy supplement that may become your recommendation to choose the best puppy supplement for your puppies:

1.      8in1 Excel Puppy & Small Dog Multi Vitamin Dog Tabs Supplement

It is tab supplement for puppy that consists of various types of vitamin and mineral. Your puppy will grow so well and healthy by consuming this supplement. The benefits of this supplement are:

  • It is specifically formulated for small dog or puppies, so it is really good and safe for your puppy.
  • Consist of mineral and vitamins that are needed by puppy
  • It is balance supplement absorption
  • The taste is so delicious for puppies, and you can mix it with meals for puppy.


2.      Pet-Tabs Complete Daily Vitamin-Mineral Dog Supplement

It is also recommended puppy supplement for your puppies. It is daily supplement can be consumed by your puppies and easy to administer. Here some benefits of this supplement:

  • It is lever flavored tablet, so your puppies will like it so much.
  • It is easy to consume because has delicious taste and can be mixed with puppies’ meals.
  • It will improve your puppies’s health and energy
  • It provides high protein

3.     Multivitamin and Minerals Tablets

It is other pet tab for your puppies. It consists of much vitamin and mineral that is needed by your puppies. By consuming this tab, your puppy will get more energy and live so healthy. It is also good for the puppies’s coat. The taste is also good and can bi mixed with the food for puppy.

4.       Virbac Brand

Mineral and vitamins needed by puppies to be healthy every time. When you want to have healthy puppies that always live well every day, you can give this supplement for your puppies. It is good for improving your puppies’s energy and health. It is also good for making your puppies have beautiful skin and coat. You can mix it with your puppy’s meals, to make your puppies easy when consuming it.

5.       VitaPet™ Vitamin Tabs Puppy Tabs

It is also recommended supplement for your puppies. As we know that supplement which consists of much nutrition is very good for your puppies. And you will find much nutrition such as vitamin, mineral and folic acid from this supplement. All nutrition will make your puppies feel so healthy every day and also energetic because their energy improved by this supplement. The taste of supplement is delicious for dogs or puppies, so your puppies will like it so much. You can also mix it with your puppy’s meals to make sure that your puppies always consume it routinely.


Those are the information about puppy supplement. So, have you decided to give puppy supplement for your puppies? Hopefully the information above will give you recommendation to choose the best supplement for your puppies. Don’t forget to talk with your vet before giving supplement for your puppies, so your puppies will get maximal result after consuming supplement. Finally, hopefully the information above will be helpful for you.

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