The Right Amount of Food for Your Puppy before Adultery


Feeding your puppy is not just giving him meat without considering its amount. Puppy is not an adult dog. The right amount of food for your puppy maximizes its growth and development. Right amount means in proper and sufficient amount. It does not exceed the limit need or less than the required one. Excess food may cause obesity but food deficiency causes negative effect. It affects his growth.

Basically, puppy’s food is a meat. Real meat should be preferable to a meat-by product. Similarly, corn and wheat have to be avoided for puppies. So, while you find a product which contains wheat, corn and meat-by product, you just need to choose another one.

The best choice for you is a grain-free diet. The prices are varied so you can choose based on your budget plan. Just remember not to feed him a poor diet. It just creates body odor and a dull coat. Now, as you choose your puppy’s food, let’s decide the right amount have to give him. It depends on your pup’s age, divided into three: during the first 8 weeks, first 12 months and after a year. Here are the guidelines of feeding your puppy.

Right Amount of Food before 12 Months Old

In the first day up to 6 weeks, you have to treat him differently from when he is already 6 up to 8 weeks. Pay attention for this food and its amount for your pup’s growth and health.

  1. 1 Day up to 6 Weeks Year Old

If you just have a new puppy without his mother, you have to know how old your puppy is. If he is only 1 up to 8 weeks old, you had better not to take it home. The best growth can be achieved if he is with his mother. Separating him from his mother increases the risk of unwanted illness. The causes are varied, from weakened immunity until his mourn of being parted from his mother.

The best food for puppy in the first 8 weeks is mother’s milk. Milk is the only food that gives him the best and complete nutrition and antibodies to grow him into an adult healthy dog. When he is around 3-4 weeks old, you can give him solid food.

For suggestion, you can prepare replacement milk that is mixed with puppy food with 1:3 as comparison. This kind of food helps him to easily digest. Actually, it is a kind of training before you part him from his mother. When it comes, it will be easier for your puppy to have solid food for his main meals.

  1. 8 Up to 8 Weeks

Your puppy now has been separated from his mother. You have to feed him right amount of food. For daily meals, he needs 3-4 times per day. Since the need of nutrition is different from adult dog, your puppy has to be provided with balanced nutrients in appropriate amount and kinds.

Food has to contain protein and calcium including calories in their right amount. To talk about the right amount for your dog, it depends on several things, such as type of puppy you have, weight, size, frequency of daily meals and so forth. So, you have to be sure that he gets sufficient amount of food. Its detail will be delivered next.

After your puppy is already 8 weeks old, feed him twice a day. It is important to check the amount as well. During 3-6 months, it gets growing, so you will need more special guidelines.

  1. 3 Up to 6 Months Old

Don’t be surprised if your puppy begins to teeth. It creates discomfort so you may find him lose his appetite. While he is in this kind of condition, you have to still ensure that he gets right amount of food. Since it is difficult to feed more 3-4 times per day, you just need twice a day of meals with highly nutritious food. Sometimes, your puppy really loses his appetite and is difficult to eat. When it happens for 1 or 2 days, go to your vet for medical checkup.

  1. 6 Up to 1 Year Old

Even though he has completely grown up, no matter what he is still a puppy. So, always ensure that you provide him with high nutritious food as the additional nutrients. There are a lot of brands of dog food, but you have to be careful. Some of them have ingredients that are not separated for adult or puppy. Well, it is okay to use food for adult dog after you consult with your vet.


Daily Right Amount of Food Based on Your Pup’s Weight

Talking about puppy food refers to food additions that complement breed feeding. These kinds of food are usually in the form of dry food. A lot of products are available in the marketplace with different nutrition. In order that your puppy obtains enough food, you have to look at the directions of the food you are going to feed.

There is no scientific size or measure for this. Usually, it is measured in cup. Here is the complete list of the right amount of food for your puppy per day based on your pup’s weight.

  • A 5 lb (2.3 kg) puppy needs 1/2 cup (50 grams) up to 5/8 cup (65 grams)
  • A 10 lb (4.5 kg) puppy needs 3.4 cup (75 grams) until 1 cup (100 grams)
  • A 20 lb (9.1 kg) puppy needs 1 1/4 cups (130 grams) until 1 3/4 cups (180 grams)

When your puppy gets older (more than a year), he has completely grown up. It means the need of food addition is also higher. Below is the required amount of food per day for your puppy.

  • A 40 lb (18 kg) puppy needs 1 1/4 cups (230 grams) up to 3 cups (305 grams)
  • A 60 lb (27 kg) puppy needs 3 cups (305 grams) up to 4 cups (410 grams)
  • A 80 lb (36 kg) puppy needs 3 2/3 cups (375 grams) until 5 cups (510 grams)
  • 100 lb (45 kg) dog needs 4 1/4 cups (435 grams) up to 6 cups (610 grams)

Basic Feeding Tips

Feeding your puppy is not simply providing food in the right amount, but you have to consider when you feed him. To ensure that you feed your pup properly, there are some basic tips that you have to apply. Here are the details.


Proper Time to Feed Your Puppy

Now, you know the right amount of food you have to give for your puppy. The question now is what time do you have to feed your puppy? Basically, feeding puppy is like having meals on humans. You have breakfast usually at 7 or 8; have lunch at 13 and dinner at around 7 or 8 pm. Even though sometimes you do not follow your usual pattern, you soon come back to your habit of meals.

It also works for feeding your puppy. Your pup has to be fed at the same time every day like you do. It creates and forms a bathroom schedule for your puppy. Now, create your own schedule. Once you already make it, follow it consistently. For a better suggestion, you had better talk with your vet for a healthy and recommended frequency of meals.

Foods to Avoid

Meat and corn by products are foods that your puppy has to avoid. All that he needs is meat and when looking for a puppy food product, find the one containing meat as its first ingredient.

Furthermore, you have to keep away from feeding him longer than he needs. Otherwise, you will find him get obesity. Slight changes in eating habit may be a sign to change food. For instance, when you see him eating less of his puppy food, you have to change the food.

Beware of Dangerous Food for Puppy

As you want to ensure your puppy gets enough nutrients, it does not mean you give him all he wants although the food is high quality food. Some foods can be quite dangerous for his health such as chocolate, avocados, raisins, raw bread dough, grapes and macadamia. So, avoid them right away.

Another group of food to avoid includes garlic, onions and chives. Dairy products are sometimes allowed, but avoid feeding him in large amounts. Salty foods, coffee and caffeine have also to be avoided.


A Short Guideline

There is a lot of information that you need to know while talking about right amount of food for your puppy. So, let’s get the points of proper puppy feeding.

  • Puppy has to be feed in at the same time every day.
  • Use the same brand and same type each time you give him meals. Changing food may cause negative effects such as diarrhea and upset stomach.
  • Transition of food has to be done gradually. Sudden change may also cause diarrhea.
  • Dry food can be mixed with water. Ensure you make the mixture of water and dry food in 1 : 4 for comparison.
  • Even though he drinks milk from his mother, a puppy still needs water. Ensure it is easily accessible and available 24 hours. Water has to be changed every day to keep clean.
  • It is important to keep everything clean including the bowls you use to feed him. So, keep it clean all the time.
  • Overfeeding has to be avoided for negative health effects like obesity.
  • To know the recommended feeding amounts, ensure you read the fact sheet and guidelines on the puppy food package.
  • Control his meals and weight.

When your puppy has grown up and becomes an adult, it is time to change everything you feed him. The amount of food has to be suited with his age and activities to ensure he keeps healthy and active.

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