Tips to Make Your Puppy Sit on Command


Obedience training on dog takes time, but with patience and correct method, you can have your dog do several things on command. Sitting, fetching, and catching are common in dog training. To achieve all of them, it seems impossible if you do not start from the basic exercises. Teaching your puppy how to sit on command is the initiate training that you have to accomplish before continuing to the next level.

After you have him on your command to sit, it will be useful for you in a lot of situations. For first dog owners, training obedience to your poppy is something very new. Tips to make your puppy sit on command are all what you need. Before you really train your poppy step by step, there are some keys of successful puppy training. Here are all things you have to know to make your poppy sit on command.

Keys of Successful Puppy Training to Sit

Puppy likes to sit, but he/she sits without any commands. Sitting on command, on the other hand, requires process. Besides, leadership, repetitions, body language and patience are often vitals in puppy training. Those create a relationship between you as the owner and your puppy, leading to successful puppy training.


Before training begins, your puppy does not know and understand any command at all. To begin, you need to condition your puppy first. Training is actually a kind of conditioning your puppy and it is obtained through communication and building up connection.

Thus, during the training, you have to perform high discipline, exercise and show your affection to your puppy. To understand what he/she wants, it is quite recommended reading dog psychology. It also functions as prevention and correction in case he/she acts abnormal behaviors during the training.


Body Language

There is no language for dog. Even if we say “sit”, your poppy actually does not understand what it means. So, what do you have to do? The point of dog training is to condition your puppy to understand your command through sound. Even if you use “down” to refer “sit”, it is allowed, but it is strange, isn’t it?

Your leadership to train is the most important role. You have to give him touch or sometimes, raise him. Use your best effort and body language and some clear simple sounds so you and your puppy can naturally communicate. Some words like “sit” to refer “sit” (just as humans do) need to be spoken in more tune to mean your command.

Be Sufficient

Even though training your puppy to sit on your command is the simplest one, you have to show your best leadership and conditioning. Otherwise, it fails. It is not rare for some who really want to succeed quickly without failure forgets the keys: dog’s attention. They spend longer time than needed to create a faster result.

In fact, the most important thing is to get your puppy’s attention, and you have to stop it before you lose his/her attention. When you see your puppy running away from you after the training and he looks happy, it means that it is enough. Pause the training and create more relaxed and calm condition if you want to begin the training again.


Believe it, puppy training requires patience. Never think that you puppy shall do as your command in the first training. Some tricks are needed to make him interested in you and look to you for direction. Once you fail, never give up. Conditioning your dog is important. After a period of time and frequency of training, by showing your patience, you can build up a connection and relationship with your puppy.

Of course, this has to be done in proper method. That will be given afterwards. Some techniques are available to practice. Any technique you choose will work if you already have those keys above in your mind.


Puppy Training Techniques

Now, before you choose one of these following techniques, you had better choose a space. Training needs silent state to give you a complete control upon your puppy without disturbance. Basically, you can do this at home or yard. A kind of quiet and comfortable place is the priority.

Then, have a couple of minutes with your dog. Talk to him as if he understood what you are saying. Tell him that you are going to have fun activities that will make him happy. Now, here are some techniques you can choose to practice.

Use Clicker and Treats

Treats will be used as a reward if your puppy successfully sits on your command. Treats will help him to associate “sit” and your sound asking him to sit. So, treats will be the “click” element that enables him to learn sit sound and what he has to do about it. Treats also help you him to willingly do it again and again. However, sometimes, a clicker is needed to get his attention.

First, get your clicker ready, be patient to wait your dog to sit without any command. You give him no clue or sign of giving the treat, so your puppy will try to figure out what he has to do to get it. He possibly does a lot of things like spinning around, laying down, nudging you or coming up, but do not get tricked. Just ignore and when you see him sit, click immediately and treat. Give more treats to keep your puppy motivated.

Now, wait again until he sits. Once he sits, click and treat. Your puppy does not have any idea what it means because he completely does not understand. However, after several repetition of waiting him to sit, he gradually understands that if he sits, he will get a treat.

Here, you have to be sensitive since after this stage, you will begin sound of “sit” to command him whenever you click. This kind of command helps him to understand what it means. However, you have to do this properly. Here are some steps to practice.

  1. Wait again patiently until your puppy sits down without command. Then, click and treat.
  2. Repeat this several times until you think it is ready to use “sit” command.
  3. Say “Sit” as soon as your puppy sits. Then, click and treat.
  4. Repeat this step several times.
  5. Say “Sit”. After you see your puppy sit, click and give a jackpot to him. Otherwise, you should repeat step 4.

Use Treat and Eye Contact

As it has been previously mentioned, getting your puppy attention is important for successful obedience training. One of the ways is by using eye-contact and treat. Treat has the same function as before, namely as reward. The steps of this technique can be seen as follows.

  • Take a treat on your hand.
  • Now, stand up before your puppy and create an eye contact.
  • Hold it, and do not blink for around 5 seconds. Position the treat on your hand in a way that your puppy has to moves his head go back. You will see his mouth faces to the treat on your hand.
  • Say “Sit” and say this command in a positive manner.
  • In the first time, you may have to push his lower back gently to give a little force to sit.
  • Willy-nilly, your puppy sits on the floor, and then gives your puppy the treat on your hand.

Compliment or praise is needed after you see your puppy really sit on your command. It is good achievement and he/she needs more a treat but also praise. Here, you have to choose a phrase carefully.

Simply “Good boy” or “Good girl” is good phrase. Whatever you choose, you have to say the same phrase each time your puppy willingly does something on your command. During the training to sit, praise needs to be given each time he willingly sits on your command, especially in the first success.

  • To ensure that your dog really sits on your command, you have to continue to the next stage.
  • Once your puppy willingly sits on your command, repeat this step several times like what you do in the first step.
  • It is important to conduct a short session in a sequent training, instead of long one to ensure that you still get his attention. Too long session just makes him bored and ends with ineffective results.
  • The next session of training can be conducted after few hours of the first session in the same day. Just practice like what you do in the first session.
  • Do the same practice for each session repeatedly until your puppy responds your command quickly.


Training Troubles

No matter what, he is a dog, an animal that actually does not what to do. He does not know the meaning of your command, but a lot of dogs successfully sit on the owner’s command. That is a excellent achievements. However, for new owners, obedience training especially to sit can be very frustrating especially if the training quite takes time.

The key is being patient especially when he starts whining or barking. Do not just give up so easily. When you are in this situation, just ignore his behavior and wait patiently. It is not rare to see your puppy gets frustrated. Again, be patient until he willingly sits, click and also treat well. Pause the session of training. A short break will give such boost to your puppy, avoiding being bored in long training session.

A productive training consists of several short sessions with a lot of breaks rather than long sessions without breaks. Even though you are quite busy enough, you really have to spare your time.

For real success of dog training to sit, you need several sessions. It may take a week or more, depending your leadership and conditioning.  Your patience will be tested seeing your sessions have no result. However, if you can really apply those tips to make your puppy sit on command, your training will be successful.


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