Two Methods of Keeping Your Puppy Clean and Free of Bad Smell


Your funny and cute puppy always loves to play. You might be surprised to find him/her terribly smelly and dirty after playing outside. After investigation, apparently, your puppy has just played with skunks. He thinks it is fun to spend his time with skunks.

No wonder your puppy gets very unbearable smell. He loves to roll over as well, that makes him dirty. Just be patient and all you have to do is keeping your puppy clean even though he likes playing outside. However, it does not mean that staying-at-home puppy does not need cleanness. It is important to keep him clean and healthy.

Weather and season change. In every condition, your puppy has to be kept always clean. You have some options. You can bathe him or just clean him without bathing. Here are some methods to keep your puppy clean.

Keeping Your Puppy Clean By Proper Bathing

Puppies, unfortunately, might mid bathing, especially in the first time. Meanwhile, he loves being dirty. If you ever see bathing puppy videos on TV or internet and it looks fun, what you experience in real bathing seems to be its opposite.

However, for a clean and healthy puppy, bathing is highly needed especially when he gets very dirty. To avoid improper bathing, here are some tips you can do to bathe your puppy in fun experience.

  1. Tricks for First Bathing

Puppy does not yet get used to bathing. Normally, he avoids water and unwillingly comes to the bath. Don’t worry; you can play a trick to get him interested in coming to the bath without fight.

You need some objects that interest your puppy, such as toys or treats. The point is to invite him to play. Give your pup affection so bath is not something he is scared about. After he comes to the bath, don’t be rush to bathe him. Make your pup used to staying in an empty bath. Spend some time and let him play with his toys or give treats. After that, you can add warm water into the bath.

It takes some time to get him used to it without treats. You just need to repeat this trick several times and he will gradually get used to bathing without treats. Spare a space at home or yard for bathing and make a fun with it.

  1. Ear Protection

Pup’s ears are organs that you have to protect while bathing. Improper bathing that triggers water get into his ear causes discomfort feeling and sometimes, health problems. That is why you have to keep them always protected.

In fact, ears have to be cleaned especially they get dirty. Instead of pouring warm water into his ears, you can use cotton balls. Your puppy can be reluctant treated this way. If it is difficult, you can do anything but avoiding water into pup’s ears.

  1. Special Shampoo for Puppy

Bathing has to be pleasing time for your puppy, but if you choose incorrect shampoo, bathing will result the opposite. He becomes uncomfortable since the used shampoo causes dry skin. Scratching makes it even worse. So, what is the best shampoo for your puppy?

You will need a mild soap. This soap has to be able to clean and get rid of undesired odors without stripping away essential oils. To get the proper shampoo, you had better talk to your veterinarian. Your vet will tell you how to choose the best shampoo.


  1. Protect Pup’s Eyes and Mouth While Bathing

Ear is not the only organ that you have to be careful while bathing your pup, but also eyes and mouth. Your puppy shall not be pleased for water coming into his mouth or eyes. So, when you are cleaning this area, be careful.

As prevention, you can use a damp washcloth to work on face area. Meanwhile, to clean the neck down, you can use a cup or bucket to wet your puppy. Otherwise, a sprayer that is specifically utilized for puppy bathing is also acceptable.

  1. Proper Drying

After bathing him up, your dog is already clean, but his fur is still wet. A lot of people prefer using dog blow dryers. You can use this one, too, but ensure that your puppy gets used to it. Its noise is uncomfortable even for puppy. It may take time for your puppy feel okay using dryer after bathing. You also need to be careful to prevent him from burning his skin while drying his fur.

For simple and safe drying, you had better use towel. Choose more absorbent towel for dog. It is largely available at pet stores. Even before you begin to dry, he often suddenly “shakes” his body to dry him. Be prepared; you can be surprised.

  1. How Often Should You Bath Your Puppy?

“Keeping clean” means keeping healthy. It means you have to do this all the time. So, basically there is not specific recommendation about how often you should bathe your puppy. The point is your dog always keeps clean. A vet may suggest you bathe him once a month unless your puppy has particular skin problem that requires you to bathe him more frequently. Of course, if you think bathing is a joyful experience with your dog, you can do this as often as you like.

For those thinking puppy bathing is an unwanted time, you will need a harder effort. There are always ways to get your puppy enjoy bath. Here are some guidelines you can apply at home.

  • Don’t give him any clues that you are going to bathe him especially in the first time.
  • Test the water first so you are sure it is in ideal temperature.
  • Rubber waterproof toys are highly needed to make him feel more comfortable.
  • Only use shampoo recommended by your vet to avoid unwanted effect on puppy’s eyes.
  • Ensure the tub is not slippery to make your puppy stand steadily in bath.
  • Faucet running can be really bothering, so close it.
  • Massage your puppy on his favorite spot.
  • It is recommended using towels to dry him instead of electrical dryer.


Keeping Your Puppy Clean Without Bath

Bath time is quite boring for some. While cleaning your puppy from dirty after playing outside is really important, they prefer cleaning it without bathing. For puppies that love bathing, it will be a joyful moment, but some puppies really do not enjoy it even if you already apply those guidelines above. You may still fail in the end. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your puppy clean without spending time to bathe him.

  1. Take Wipes with Your Anywhere

Getting dirty is just at home, but also when you and your puppy are playing outside. When you are far from home, you just need get wipes with you each time he gets dirty. Its function is like baby wipes. Wipes are practical, effective, and less costly and have great smell. These wipes are already designed for pet, so don’t worry for their safety.

The application is also easy. You just need to rub the dirt off as soon as your puppy gets it. Don’t wait until it dries. Be careful while using the wipes. Your pup will feel uncomfortable when the application comes into contact with eyes and irritated spots on his skin. Be wise to choose certain pet wipe brand on the marketplace. The ones made from natural ingredients are commonly safer.

  1. Clean Your Puppy Crate and Bed Regularly

Its smell is really bed when you do not bathe your puppy for weeks. You will smell it on his crate and bed. Dirt makes it worse and your puppy just looks filthy and smells bad. However, this problem can be easily solved. You simply clean your puppy’s bed and crate regularly. All bad smells will be soon gone and everything looks clean again.

Don’t wait until the dirt accumulates. Regular cleaning is a lot better to keep your puppy clean all the time. A lot of pet cleaner brands are available. Choose one fitting to your need.


  1. Dog Smell? Baking Soda Gets Rid of It

Clean and great smell are two things that puppy must have. However, removing smell is often harder. It is the time for you to open your fridge to get baking soda. It works great for fould odor removal.

You simply need a dry towel. Sprinkle baking soda on it. Rub your puppy gently with it especially neck area since it the main area where odor comes from. Dirt often firstly accumulates from neck. Besides, leg-pits and but also need to be rubbed.

  1. Brush Your Puppy

Just like who like to brush your hair, puppy also needs brushing. It gets rid of pup’s loose hair and also helps his skin exfoliation. So, now go to a pet shop nearby and get dog brush. It is good to choose the one having a wire brush. A lot of brands are available to choose. If you want to groom your puppy, that’s also helpful to keep him clean. Cat tool can be used when you are going to groom your puppy.

  1. Do Prevention

Puppy really likes to play so he will keep dirty each time he is out with or without you around. That is why you need prevention to keep him clean all the time even while playing. What can you do with it?

  • Train your dog while playing outside. Mud has to be avoided by giving him positive reinforcement.
  • Prepare dog treats each time he wants to play with mud.
  • Yell at your puppy if you see him rolling in the mud. Don’t bother with the positive or negative reinforcement. You just need to make sure that he does not do this.

There are ways to keep your puppy clean without bath. If your dog stays clean, at the same time you keep him healthy.

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